Teen birth rates at record low

Teenagers are becoming parents less than ever, according to numbers published by the CDC, with the birth rate down to 13.5 births per 1,000 teens between ages 15 and 19. That's a 3% drop in two years and the lowest on record in the United States.

Rosen added there is more work to be done when it comes to reducing the number of teen pregnancies.

"The number is not zero and teens get pregnant all the time, who may not want to be pregnant but may not be aware of contraceptive options or options for emergency contraception and so [people should] still consider education necessary and at the forefront and the birth rate can still improve even though it's at an all-time low right now," she said.

The United States still seems way ahead of the competition. I thought for a moment that Britain's rate was now higher, but it turned out I was looking at conception rates. The birth rate there is much lower. Teen conception and birth rates have fallen throughout the developed world, all the same.