Teens charged with killing and eating swan

Faye, a swan living on the village pond in Manlius, New York, was killed and eaten by teenagers there, reports the Associated Press. Her four cygnets were recovered and are safe; the teens were charged with grand larceny and criminal mischief.

"The mother swan was consumed," Manlius Mayor Paul Whorrall said Wednesday. "Sad to say, but that's what they did."

Hunting swans is legal in a few U.S. states but not in New York.

Southeast of Syracuse, the village of Manlius has a swan insignia on its website, as well as on merchandise like hats and T-shirts.

"The swans have been a part of this village for well over 100 years," Whorrall said. "We're known for our swans."

Curious? Swan, aka "Long duck," tastes like other game birds.