After raging about the debt ceiling deal, Boebert misses the vote

Oddly Colorado's Lauren Boebert had lots to say about the debt ceiling deal but couldn't make it to the floor of Congress in time to vote on it. Boebert has been a proud member of the conservative caucus holding the whole show up; she has spoken out against making a deal, this deal, or pretty much any deal, but when it came to actually doing the job of a congressperson, Boebert ran up the capitol steps just a few minutes too late.

In the days leading up to the vote, Boebert tweeted: "This country's financial standing is already on the edge of a cliff. This current UNLIMITED debt ceiling increase is the burst of wind that is going to send us right over. Once we fall off that cliff, there's no going back." However, when it came time to vote, Boebert was not there.

All she had to do was show up on time.

Denver Post:

A spokesperson for Boebert confirmed that the congresswoman did not intend to miss the vote. She and fellow Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck both said in a news conference Tuesday that they would vote against the debt-ceiling deal, Colorado Public Radio reported. Many Republicans criticized the measure, arguing that negotiations with Democrats didn't do enough to cut government spending.

Buck did cast his nay vote on Wednesday and Colorado's third House Republican, Rep. Doug Lamborn, voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling.

After missing the vote Boebert released a statement, which reads in part:

"The Swamp did its old song and dance and pretended to listen to the American people, but as soon as the backroom deal was made, it was predetermined that it would pass," Boebert said. "I certainly wasn't afraid to vote against the bill, as I have been advocating against it all week."