Classic 40s film noir "He Walked By Night" showcased talent that would go on to big things in the 60s

"He Walked By Night" is a 1948 film noir classic based on the real-life exploits of Los Angeles area burglar and killer Erwin "Machine Gun" Walker. Sure, there are plenty of moody nighttime images of backstreet shootouts and storm sewer chases but the film is also a who's who of actors who went on to long TV careers in well-known roles.

Richard Basehart walked by night but he also acted in many TV roles like Captain Nelson in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, as well parts in Lost In Space, Ironside, Gunsmoke, and Night Rider.

Jack Webb, cast as a police officer, was inspired by the film's technical advisor LAPD Sgt Marty Wynn that he went on to create Dragnet.

Eagle eyed viewers will spot Frank Cady in a short scene as a small time crook and suspect. He went on to become well known as the same character in three CBS shows: storekeeper Sam Drucker in Petticoat Junction, Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Whit Bissel was on dozens of TV shows, most notably as Lt General Kirk on The Time Tunnel.

Can you spot Bewitched's Darren Stephen's dad, the butler from Burke's Law, and the housekeeper from Shirley?

The film is now in the public domain. I watched it for free on kanopy.