Marjorie Taylor Greene keeps playing her one-note song about the insurrection

Georgian luminary Marjorie Taylor Greene bafflingly tries to have it both ways: the January 6th insurrectionists were congenial tourists there to show their peaceful love of America, or they were tricked into a horrible blood frenzy by the FBI. On her podcast this week, the congressperson raged about the FBI goading fine Americans into rebellion again.


During her "podcast with my boyfriend" on Rumble, the Georgia Klan mom created a slew of new conspiracy theories in her efforts to blame law enforcement for the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, rather than those (like Trump?) who were responsible for inciting it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to know a lot about committing crimes. She has also claimed the Jan 5 pipe bomber's actions were done by someone wanting to be seen and caught — an Alex Jones-style false flag operation.

"You see, this should never happen. The federal government should never be weaponized against the people and set up honeypots and traps to draw people in and actually take part in making these people commit crimes and then framing the people to set up a narrative against a president," Greene said. "It's wrong, and I believe that's what happened on January 6th," she declared boldly.

It can never be Trump or his supporters that commit crimes or acts of violence, it must be the deep state.

Marge absolutely has Trump's "just keep saying it until they believe you or they walk away" game down.