Telltale Games hopes to make a big comeback with The Expanse

Miraculously, Telltale Games seems to have dragged itself back from the brink of bankruptcy following a major company restructuring. The studio made a name for itself by developing episodic, story‐based games based on borrowed IP, with its takes on The Walking Dead and Borderlands considered among the best pieces of media in their associated franchises from a pure storytelling standpoint. Now, they stand ready to make their big comeback with a chart‐shattering, eyeball‐melting adaptation of… Amazon's long since concluded sci‐fi TV series The Expanse. Huh.

Well, let's see where this goes. I'm sure no one expected their adaptation of an obscure comic book from the 80s to be good either, and it gave us Sam and Max. Whether or not this new Telltale can live up to the old one is still doubtful, although I personally hope they at least make enough money to stay open this time.