Christopher Nolan on why some scenes in Oppenheimer are in black & white

Blockbuster director Christopher Nolan is opening up about why segments of his upcoming film Oppenheimer are in black and white.

Christopher Nolan is one of a kind. Through his love of filmmaking, Nolan has somehow found a way to make blockbuster movies that are artistic and intellectual while maintaining enough visceral thrills to satiate the general public. At this point, when it comes to his films, Nolan has bought so much goodwill with the audience that they're willing to follow him down whatever rabbit hole he descends. 

With the release of his new film Oppenheimer rapidly approaching, cinephiles have basically been dissecting every new trailer for the flick with a jeweler's eye. Throughout the trailers for Oppenheimer, there appear to be several segments of the film that are in black and white. Normally, most conventional Western audiences recoil at the sight of black and white, but if anyone can get people to drop their biases about a seemingly "antiquated" film technique, it's definitely Christopher Nolan.

"I knew that I had two timelines that we were running in the film," Nolan shared with the Associated Press. "One is in color, and that's Oppenheimer's subjective experience. That's the bulk of the film. Then the other is a black-and-white timeline. It's a more objective view of his story from a different character's point of view."