Death Note musical's English-language cast revealed

According to, the English language version of the Death Note Musical has announced its cast.

Musicals occupy an interesting space in pop culture. When you look at the financials for almost every popular Broadway musical, you come to find out that they're all absurdly lucrative. However, musicals are also somewhat dismissed by the general movie-going public. Unlike Bollywood, where musical numbers are expected in film, American cinema generally likes to keep musicals and narratives segregated, barring a few popular movies. 

One of the reasons musical films have lost their mainstream appeal is how genre slavishly aims to replicate the theatrical experience instead of uniquely creating a cinematic musical experience. However, whenever television shows, or films are adapted to the stage, they usually work perfectly. Obviously, the success of adapting a television show or movie on the stage depends on the property, but more times than not, the results bear deliciously campy fruit. Hopefully, the new Death Note English language musical will follow suit, as the series seems oddly perfect for the stage. 

Death Note: The Musical is ready to take the spotlight once more. If you did not hear, the hit anime adaptation is heading to the stage this summer for its first English-language production. Now, we have been given word on the cast, and it seems like Death Note will be in good hands this August.

ComicBook has learned Frances Mayli McCann, Dean John-Wilson, and Joaquin Pedro Valdes have been cast in the Death Note production. McCann will play Misa while John-Wilson oversees the detective L. As for Valdes, the Philippine actor will play Light.