NYPD posts "All Colors Are Beautiful" to celebrate Pride month, and the acronym does not go unnoticed

On June 2, Commissioner Sewell of the NYPD tweeted this image of a NYPD patrol car all gussied up for Pride Month, complete with a rainbow colored "NYPD" decal and a rainbow-adorned image that reads: "HAPPY PRIDE MONTH: All Colors Are Beautiful."

Working Class History retweeted the image, stating: 

Congrats to the artist who managed to get the NYPD to put ACAB on their own vehicles! It's reminiscent of some other possible examples of graphic design worker sabotage. 

As Classical Liberal Caucus commented on the original post: "All Colors Are Beautiful is an excellent slogan. It should be a hashtag, or maybe an acronym." 

Happy Pride Month!