Watch a thousand Legonauts soar through the air on a mini space shuttle

This project—and its resulting video footage—is so cool! Watch a thousand "Legonauts" (Lego astronauts) on a mission on a mini space shuttle. The little yellow 'nauts, with their perma-smiles, look so happy to be flying, and the footage of them all soaring through the air is mesmerizing. The video was posted on VideoFromSpace YouTube channel, which explains:

A high-altitude balloon carried a mini space-shuttle with 1000 Legonauts to the edge of space. Three flights were conducted from an airport in Slovakia. The balloon burst at an altitude of 21 miles (34 kilometers) and then the landing platform returned to Earth under a parachute. Footage courtesy: LEGO/Kreativ Gang/Dominik Matusinsky | edited by's [Steve Spaleta] 

Matt Growcoot at PetaPixel also describes the mission:

Two cameras captured 1,000 Lego astronauts flying to the edge of space on a 3D-printed mini space shuttle.

The voyage was powered by a stratospheric balloon that burst after taking the Legonauts 22 miles above the Earth's surface when they safely landed back on terra firma with the help of a parachute.

The 3D-printed space shuttle was made from a lightweight carbon composite material, built by a team of space architects and engineers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

There were three separate space flights with roughly 330 Legonauts going up each time and the team from Kreativ Gang, a marketing agency producing a Lego campaign, had to ensure none of the astronauts fell off the open-air shuttle.

To read more about the mission and to see more photos, read the rest of the PetaPixel article here.