Watch cliff-diving, jaguar-evading capybaras in action

Take a gander at these capybaras jumping off an embankment to escape becoming prey! Marvel at their graceful diving! Go, capybaras, go! The clip was posted on Pantanal Oficial's TikTok, with the caption: "Spotted jaguar hunting capybara in the Pantanal."

A-Z Animals provides more info about what's happening here:

Pumas, jaguars, wild dogs, and humans hunt capybaras. However, by entering the water, the clever rodents in this clip gave themselves the best chance of escape. Jaguars are solitary hunters and efficient predators in the water as well as on land. They are excellent swimmers so it is likely that they would be willing to enter the water to pursue prey. However, the capybara is an accomplished diver and can stay under the water for up to five minutes. Once they were submerged in this muddy water, the jaguar would have no idea where they had gone!

Sorry, jaguars, not today!


Onça-Pintada caçando capivara no Pantanal Jaguar hunting capybara in the Pantanal 🎥 @stevewinterphoto #pantanal #pantanaloficial #jaguar #onçapintada

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