A moss-covered screaming skull marks the grave of Antoine Michel Wemaer

The Central Cemetery in Belgium is home to this awesome moss-covered skull. The skull rests on a carving of a pillow, and looks like it's screaming with a wide open mouth. It marks the grave of a wine and textile merchant named Antoine Michel Wemaer. The Central Cemetery has also been dubbed as the "Cemetery of the Skull", due to the popularity of this particular grave. I've seen plenty of cool graves in my life, but this one might just top them all. Wemaer has one bad-ass resting place.

From Atlas Obscura:

"References can be found claiming Wemaer changed his profession from merchant to pirate, no doubt because of the skull and crossbones, but these sources are all personal social media accounts and are not corroborated by any credible historical source. And this skeletal symbolism can be seen throughout Europe to signify mortality and death. Neither the pillow under the skeletal statuary, the presence of his family, nor the blessing point to the life of a high seas criminal."