Every bar needs one of these absurdist whisky-pouring machines

I'm not a big fan of going to bars, but i'd happily go to any bar that had this awesome whisky- pouring machine on display. This absurdist device was made by Joseph Herscher of Joseph's Machines. The joy of his inventions isn't about making the task at hand any easier. The excitement lies in the sheer madness of the machines. I love the high number of steps this one goes through to make the glass of whisky. The musical orange peeling component is my favorite. This is art.  I could watch this machine serve drinks to people all day!

From Youtube:

"Ice cubes slide down a track into a glass.  A wheel rolls with a bottle of whiskey attached, making a perfect pour.  Finally a drill rotates an orange against a peeler, and a toy train delivers the drink onto a coaster. All without lifting a finger. This is the laziest way to make an Old Fashioned!


60ml Batch & Bottle's Lazy Old Fashioned over Ice with an Orange Zest

This video was made possible by Batch & Bottle using their pre-mixed Lazy Old Fashioned."