Lady in red triggers bullfight chase at André Rieu concert

¡Ole! If you wear red to one of André Rieu's concerts, prepare to be chased by a bull!

In this clip from a show in Maastricht, Netherlands, you'll see a woman show the Dutch violinist and conductor that she's dressed entirely in red, all the way down to her bra. (A plant? Well, yeah.)

He laughs, then she laughs and covers her face with her hands. He asks her, "It's all red?" She nods yes. He says, "I'm sorry, I have to play it." Then, he cues his Johann Strauss Orchestra, and they launch into the Spanish bullfighting song, "España Cani." But that's just the beginning of the fun.

As the audience claps to the music, a pantomime bull charges down the aisle! The bull sprints from the back down the aisle towards the front. It suddenly spots her, triggering a hilarious chase sequence. The woman dashes away, running up the aisle with the mock bull hot on her heels.

Then, a projection of the chase appears on the screen behind Rieu. As "España Cani" approaches its climax, the bull reemerges from the aisle with a trophy hilariously dangling from one of its horns—a red bra!

Rieu is currently on a world tour. (via André Rieu)