Professional angler Blake Dyer loses Twitter account and sponsorship after siding with Uganda's plan to murder gays

Last week Sen. Ted Cruz denounced the Ugandan government's new law that makes being gay a crime punishable by death. Professional fisherman Blake Dyer, felt he had to weigh in with his own opinion. He responded to Cruz's tweet by saying, "with Uganda on this one." In other words, LGBTQ people need to be murdered by the state.

Dyer's comment was not well received. His Twitter account is gone, his Instagram account is locked down, and today, Canyon Club Brewery dropped its sponsorship with Dyer. It said, in a Tweet, "We learned of Mr Dyer's view this morning and immediately severed our relationship with him. We could not disagree more strenuously with Mr. Dyer's view and the abomination that is going on in Uganda."

So far, Dyer's other sponsors, which include @RangerBoats, @Shimano_Fishing, @MercuryMarine, @yamamotobait, @simmsfishing, @BillLewisLures, have remained silent on Dyer's disgusting comment.