Eddie Van Halen's Lamborghini was the revving in 'Panama'

In Van Halen's "Panama," listen for Eddie Van Halen's classic car revving. The song actually uses the sound of his Lamborghini Miura S after his solo (it starts around the 2:44 mark).

He shares the story in this 2014 Guitar World interview about making the 1984 album:

What inspired you to record actual engine growls from your Lamborghini on Panama?

Having the studio here gave Donn and I the luxury and freedom to do all kinds of things. They thought we were nuts to pull up my Lamborghini to the studio and mic it. We drove it around the city, and I revved the engine up to 80,000 rpm just to get the right sound.

Also, there's long been a rumor that Eddie's idling Lambo was used as the drum intro in "Hot for Teacher." It wasn't. In the same interview, he dispels it:

Al's drums on the intro sound like a dragster warming up before a race.

When he started putzing around with that, we were going, "Holy shit!" It really does sound like a hot rod or dragster. You can only pull that off with Simmons drums because they sound so unique. Regular drums don't sound the same.