Frank Grillo on moving from Marvel to DC films

Frank Grillo is one of the most fascinating people working in Hollywood today, and it primarily comes down to how seemingly contradictory his existence has become. In short, Frank Grillo is a man of two worlds. 

For starters, despite being in his late 50s, Grillo has the body of a teenage athlete, which is equally impressive and mind-boggling. However, when it comes to Grillo's career, things become even more intriguing. 

To the general public, Grillo appeared in a handful of Marvel films and the Hulu flick Boss Level. However, in the world of Chinese action films, he is one of the most iconic villains in cinema, thanks to his role in Wolf Warrior 2

A few months ago, when James Gunn announced the production slate for his DC universe, eagle-eyed fans saw that Frank Grillo was going to jump ship from Marvel to DC. In the video linked above, Grillo sits down with the Inside of You podcast to discuss joining Marvel's distinguished competition.