Here's the intro to Peep Show, but in the style of Succession

As the band Cinderella famously claimed in their hit song, You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Now that Succession has come to an end, it's hard to imagine any modern television coming close to matching its quality. And with HBO's Barry ending on the same night as Succession, there's definitely going to be a vacuum of television shows that can leave you spellbound with a compelling plot while also making you belly laugh. 

Even though the drama of Succession was front and center, the show always knew its way around a joke. Like all great comedies, Succession's most hilarious moments typically occurred when everything was falling apart for the Roy family. 

Another now-defunct series that also excelled when its characters were locked in perpetual crisis was the brilliant British comedy series, Peep Show. In the video linked above, some genius decided to remake the intro to Peep Show in the style of Succession