Hygiene education gives conservative news hosts a dirty feeling

Here conservative news folks buried deeply on the Dish Network rage about teaching kids that things like deodorant exist. I would think this interaction was scripted and made up, but its so foolish it can not even be that.

The high point is when host Karyn Turk erupts in objection over a school teaching about deodorant, but the entire exchange is foolish. It may not be appropriate to show people a rough drawing of a disposable pad until college!

Crooks and Liars:

"An elementary school, I think he's out in the West, and he said an elementary school offered sex-ed lessons to students without parental consent," Real America's Voice co-host Ed Henry announced on Monday. "For again, elementary school. This is not high school. This is not college."

Henry pointed out that one lesson included information about deodorant.

"Of course, okay, deodorant," Henry said. "People need to learn about that as they're growing up."

"Not in school!" Turk gasped. "I don't think they need to learn that in school. Elementary school. They learn that at home?"

When I invent an elementary school, it is always "up North" or "down South," never "out in the West."