No arrest or charges for white Florida woman accused of shooting and killing black neighbor after yelling racial slurs at her children

An unnamed Florida woman shot and killed Ajike "AJ" Owens in front of Owens' children after yelling racial slurs at them and taking their iPad, according to an attorney representing the family. Authorities have not arrested or charged the woman, reports NBC News.

According to Crump's statement, after the woman yelled slurs at Owens' children, they accidentally left an iPad behind, which the woman took.

When one of Owens' children went to retrieve it, she threw it, hitting the boy and cracking the screen. Owens walked across the street to speak to her neighbor after she learned what happened, Crump said.

"She knocked on the door, and at that point, the woman allegedly shot through the door, hitting AJ, who later died from her injuries," Crump said.

The local Sheriff seems annoyed at the suggestion something bad happened:

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods did not confirm or reject Crump's account, telling reporters he was not "going to stand here and tell you what they're putting out there is inaccurate. It's just I don't know yet." … "I wish our shooter would have called us instead of taking actions into her own hands," he said, adding investigators are trying to determine whether Florida's "stand your ground" law applies in the shooting.