Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts, watch live stream here

The Kilauea volcano, located within Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, erupted early this morning. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) has upgraded the Volcano Alert Level to Red, indicating increased volcanic activity and potential hazards.

The eruption is centered within Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Kilauea's summit caldera. Webcam images captured by HVO reveal the presence of lava flows on the surface of the crater floor.

Authorities have emphasized that the opening stages of an eruption are highly dynamic, and the associated risks and dangers will be continually evaluated and reassessed as the situation develops.

Kilauea, one of the world's most active and iconic volcanoes, has a long history of eruptions, with the most notable episode occurring in 2018 when lava flows destroyed hundreds of homes in the Puna region. The current eruption, although significant, is not currently posing a direct threat to populated areas.