Mike Huckabee ditches Chick-fil-A, pledges allegiance to Popeye's

American humorist Mike Huckabee told Tony Perkins (president of the hate group Family Research Council) that Chick-fil-A's newfound interest in treating people more fairly is tragic and that he rues the day that he single-handedly saved the fast-food chain from going out of business.

"I'll be honest," Huckabee told Perkins. "One of the big regrets of my life was taking such a public stand for them in 2012, helping to turn the tide that was really about to go against them in a very significant way. It makes it much easier to go to Popeye's

I'm not sure if Mr. Huckabee was joking about Popeye's, but this is a good time to share some of his best jokes, which are equaled only by fellow comic Elon Musk's humorous observations: