This Kenny Loggins Password Generator is your off-ramp from the Danger Zone

What's the best way to create a secure password? Is it diceware? Strings of random numbers algorithmically generated by your Apple Keychain? A combination of special characters and numbers and the name of your first pet?

Maybe the real answer is singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. At least, that's the idea presented by Kenny Log-ins, a new website created by perpetual Internet prankster Steven Nass in collaboration with Candace Faircloth, Craig Shervin, and Jordan Dodson that generates secure passwords based on the lyrics to Kenny Loggins songs.

You can choose from the weak complexity passwords of "Danger Zone", mid-complexity passwords from "I'm Alright," or the strongest passwords of all, from "This Is It."

By way of example:

  • Danger Zone gave me "8!plainpoetry@"
  • I'm Alright gave me "073onlyIllusions#BlindnessBinds??$"
  • This Is It gave me "$!6OFfMYKneEsGonNABeTHErEFallin-FLyiN"

While you probably shouldn't use those exact passwords yourself, at least now you know there are options that could be easier to remember. If you're a Kenny Loggins-head, that is.

Kenny Log-ins