10 worst restaurant names in the United States

I stumbled across this 2010 Chicago Tribune article titled "10 worst restaurant names in the country," and it did not disappoint. Names include Casa Mono, Rat's Restaurant, Crapitto's Cuccina Italiana, and my personal pet peeve, Ruth's Chris Steak House.


Ruth's Chris Steak House, national chain, 131 locations. Ruth Fertel purchased a New Orleans restaurant, Chris Steak House. The contract stipulated that she couldn't move it and keep the name. When the original burned down, she moved four blocks away and slapped her own name — awkwardly, a spokeswoman admits — on an already lousy name.

WD-50, New York City. It's not a reference to a well-known lubricant (though WD-50 has been threatened with a lawsuit over the similarity). Its chef Wylie Dufresne's initials and the address, 50 Clinton St.