Bear is busted after sneaking into truck for some dog food, only to get trapped inside (video)

A silly bear in Colorado spotted a bag of dry dog food in a black pick-up truck and, while the humans were asleep, managed to open one of the front doors and treat himself to a midnight feast. It also looks like he had a blast destroying the interior of the car.

But the mood soured for the four-legged gentleman when he was busted in the morning by a wildlife officer, who found him trapped inside the truck. Somehow, the bear, who was too clever for his own good, had actually shut the door while sitting inside, whooping it up with his bag of kibble. And opening the door back up from the inside proved to be out of his skillset.

When the officer rescued him and told him to "Git!" the guilty bear couldn't have looked anymore sheepish, doing exactly what he was told and immediately running off into the woods. (See video below, posted by KPRC2.)

Front page thumbnail image: Colorado Parks and Wildlife