Evangelicals are "brutal" about Mike Pence's candidacy, says Republican journalist (video)

Republican political strategist Sarah Longwell says she's talked to many Christian evangelicals in focus groups, and their complete disinterest in fellow born-again Mike Pence as a presidential contender is "unequivocal." In fact, it's "brutal," she told MSNBC.

It's not that the hateful MAGA mob actually hates the former boot-licker-in-chief, they just think he's too "meh" for their liking. Some of what these devout voters have told her:

"I don't think he would have a shot."
"He should get out of politics."
"He's so boring."
"The only people that will vote for him are the people who are related to him."

"I've had people call me a lot and say, 'What do you hear in the focus groups about Mike Pence?' And I've invited reporters to come in and listen, because I want everybody to understand, I'm not making this up. These voters are savage to him," says Longwell, who runs the Republican anti-Trump news site The Bulwark.

"In this version of the Republican Party, there isn't an appetite for Mike Pence," she summarizes, making me wonder what possible version of the GOP she thinks would ever have an appetite for such an unsavory wet blanket such as milquetoast Pence. (See video below, posted by Republican Accountability.)

Front page thumbnail image: MSNBC