Fifa "misled" fans when it said world cup in Qatar was carbon neutral

Fifa, soccer's governing body, has a long-standing corruption problem which led, among other things, to the world cup being awarded to Qatar, a freakishly inappropriate place to host a summer sport. Among the lies Fifa had to tell to justify itself was that the world cup there would be carbon neutral. A year on, a report confirms that it wasn't, and that Fifa "misled" fans.

A report by the Commission for Loyalty, which regulates advertising in Switzerland, found that Fifa broke rules against unfair competition by making claims about the tournament that could not be proven, while using controversial offsetting measures that would not comply with Swiss standards. Fifa, which is based in Switzerland, has been warned to "refrain" from making such claims again. It said it was considering an appeal. The verdict is damning for football's governing body and a victory for environmental campaigners from across Europe. Andrew Simms, director of the New Weather Institute, which submitted a complaint from the UK, said: "Fifa has been found out for using false green claims as a substitute for real climate action. Sport continues to be used as a giant billboard by some of the biggest climate culprits to promote polluting products and lifestyles, threatening the future of athletes, fans and the sport itself. It's time that sport, and its governing bodies like Fifa, used their power and position to accelerate the low carbon transition, instead of delaying it and misleading the public in the process."

Maybe someone can bribe them to tell the truth? There are obvious problems with this plan, to be sure, but it might be our best shot.