New app lets you hire an armed driver along with your ride

Ever wanted to call an Uber but were disappointed because they didn't have an "armed driver" option? Well, a new Georgia-based rideshare company's now got you covered. Phil Lewis, Senior Editor at HuffPost, tweeted the news today: "A new rideshare company in Georgia will let you hire an armed driver to get you to your destination." 

Candace McCowan for WSB-TV reports:

The owner of Black Wolf, Kerry Kingbrown, told Channel 2′s Candace McCowan that the idea for the company came from taking a friend's daughter to school six months ago.

After just one month on the market, Black Wolf has already been downloaded approximately 90,000 times.

Kingbrown is a professional bodyguard who spent years working for celebrities and politicians.

He says at the end of last year, he had an idea to make security accessible for everyone.

"We have clients from the political realm to the everyday blue-collar worker," he explained . . . 

Kingbrown says he took note of all the violent incidents involving rideshare drivers and their customers, and wanted to make a change.

"Our drivers are military, law enforcement, those who have been in the private security world for over five years. That's the minimum we require," he said. "They can see a situation brewing before it happens."

Kingbrown says that he plans to expand the company quickly, and his next step is to launch in Los Angeles. Sherrilyn Ifill, Former President & Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, tweeted, in reaction: "So we're in the movie now." Pretty much sums up my feelings about it, too.