Rescued opossum is ready for its stage debut!

The volunteer-run Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida, whose mission is, "to ensure respect for all wildlife through education and conservation, while providing orphaned, injured and displaced animals with a second chance at life" recently posted this sweet story on their Facebook page about an opossum rescue. They explain:

Today, one of our volunteers was able to do the unthinkable and saved a small opossum who was teetering on the side of the Matthews Bridge! With the help of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the opossum was rescued and is being relocated to a safer place in the wild. 

They also posted a photo of the rescued opossum, swaddled in a fluffy pink blanket, looking absolutely marvelous. The comments are hilarious. Sarah Powers wrote: "That's show business, dahling," while Jen Clark exclaimed, "That little guy looks like they just had the BEST. DAY. EVER!"

You have to go see the photo—it will make you laugh!