Security cam catches two nearly-naked "witches" enjoying a "carcass-eating ritual" in homeowner's yard

Corinea Stanhope, 36, of Powell River, British Columbia shared this image and others from trail cam footage of her property that, she says, depicts "two witches holding a carcass-eating ritual."

"I don't know what the heck was up with that," Stanhope said.

I don't either but I'd bet those two "witches" in the photo aren't actual Wiccans.

Stanhope had placed the camera to see if the deer carcass she had seen earlier might attract interesting wildlife.

From Fox11:

Stanhope noted to [Kennedy News & Media] that the carcass-chompers emerged about 10 minutes after sunset looking "disheveled" and like they were wearing wigs.

"You can't really tell from the photos, but the hoof was brought right up to her mouth," she said. "I don't know if she was kissing it, smelling or eating it, but to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick[…]

"Maybe they were paying their respects, but they were naked," she added.

The nurse hoped that the incident was simply a prank or that the participants were "on some good drugs." She decided against contacting the police after her grandfather noted that nothing technically illegal had happened.