Photo claimed to show federal judge in MAGA drag is 2022 stock photo

CORRECTION: The photo below was misrepresented on social media: it's a Getty Images editorial photo, and can't be Aileen Cannon, as it was taken at a rally far from Florida in 2022. We regret repeating the error.

Original post:

Check out this photo of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon (left). She's been assigned to Trump's latest felony case.

AOL News reports, "Cannon, appointed by #Trump in 2019, made decisions that favored him in legal skirmishes during the documents investigation last year. Her rulings were overturned on appeal. Cannon would determine, among other things, when a trial would take place and what Trump's sentence would be if he were found guilty."

I hope she wears her TEAM TRUMP cowboy hat and red, white, and blue makeup when she presides over the trial, just to make it clear that she'll be fair and impartial.