Heinz introducing a high-tech customizable condiment dispenser

Via television writer/producer (The Simpsons) and noted fast food critic Bill Oakley's Instagram account (click link to view his video review), we got news yesterday of a new condiment dispenser from Heinz that mixes condiments and flavors to your exact specifications.

"HEINZ JUST INTRODUCED their new Remix machine which is essentially a Coke Freestyle Machine but for condiments, allowing you to make over 200 different custom combinations."

It's a new frontier in condiment technology.

You pick from four different sauces…

  • Ketchup;
  • Ranch;
  • BBQ; and
  • 57 Sauce

And then pick from four different mix-ins, with three levels of intensity…

  • Jalapeno;
  • Buffalo;
  • Chipotle; and
  • Mango

…and create your own perfect condiment, as the ingredients are mixed into your rapidly spinning condiment cup.

Bill tried the machine at the 2023 Restaurant Show, and despite putting it to the test with a 57 Sauce with a triple Mango intensity, strongly approved of the result.

He concludes: "I can't wait to see this in a restaurant, where I and every other customer are going to be fooling around with it until someone tells us to stop."

Below is the gang from the Today Show with a breathless demonstration of the next wave in condiment hardware. "This will basically make your sauce dreams come true."