Keurig and The Rolling Stones have a new coffee collaboration

Just two days ago, Keurig announced a new collaboration with The Rolling Stones—a "Start Me Up" Iced Coffee Kit:

Get The Rolling Stones ♥ Keurig "Start Me Up" iced coffee kit with limited-edition K-Iced Brewer, tumbler, custom coffee blend, and curated Spotify playlist – before they're gone. Head to our link in bio to get yours!

AZ Central describes the kit:

The new limited-edition "Start Me Up" Iced Coffee Kit ($139.99) has a custom-designed K-Iced brewing machine – emblazoned with "Start Me Up" on one side and, on the other, the trademarked red lips logo, but with a coffee-tinted tongue.

The coffee maker comes with a matching Rolling Stones tumbler for iced drinks and 12 K-Cups of the custom "Start Me Up" blend, co-created with The Rolling Stones, and described as "a nutty roast with electrifying notes of strawberry to the tongue. 

Sadly, only 400 machines were made and they are already sold out. But never fear, you can still buy "The Rolling Stones x Keurig 'Start Me Up' Coffee K-cups" and "The Rolling Stones X Keurig Custom Iced Coffee Tumbler." And, yes, you can download "The Rolling Stones Summer Start Me Up" playlist from Spotify, which is apparently "curated by the band itself":

When it's time to turn up your summer, The Rolling Stones and Keurig never disappoint. This mix, curated by the Stones themselves, includes their all-time favorite songs to start up summer days. All inspired by the band's collaboration with Keurig to create the perfect summer iced coffee experience.

I'm sorry, call me a "capitalist killjoy" (thanks, Sara Ahmed, of "feminist killjoy" fame, for the inspiration), but, I'm filing ALL of this under "dumb things that nobody needs."