The Rhode Island councilman arrested for crack-cocaine is busted again — this time for child molestation

Last month's passed-out Cranston, Rhode Island city councilman, who was arrested on May 15 after police found two crack pipes in his hand along with "a white, rock-like substance" (crack-cocaine and fentanyl) by his side, was charged again — this time for child molestation.

The now-resigned Republican, Matthew Reilly, was accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl after her legal guardian filed a complaint. And the investigation into this case actually began about a week before his drug bust. According to ABC6, "Reilly was charged and arraigned Thursday with first degree child molestation sexual assault, second degree child molestation sexual assault, and enticement of a person under 16."

The 41-year-old gentleman is being held without bail while he waits for a competency hearing.

From the Providence Journal:

A complaint filed by the legal guardian of a 12-year-old girl led to a month-long investigation and Thursday's arrest of Matthew Reilly in North Kingstown, said Cranston's police chief, Col. Michael J. Winquist. …

Cranston police charged Reilly with first-degree child molestation, second-degree child molestation and enticing a person younger than 16, Winquist said. Reilly is accused of crimes that allegedly took place on May 3, according to court records.

Reilly, of Dellwood Road, Cranston, was arrested initially on May 15.

This was after police said they found him with drug paraphernalia and a "white, rock-like substance" containing crack cocaine and fentanyl. He was charged with possession of Schedule II narcotics.