The trailer for Resident Evil: Death Island is here

Capcom is more powerful than ever. Last weekend, Capcom released Street Fighter 6 to rave reviews. Despite only being a week old, several publications and fans of the franchise have already started to recognize Street Fighter 6 as the best entry in the entire series history. And while waking up to copious praise and accolades might be the most memorable day for other developers, for Capcom, it was just a Tuesday. 

Even before the celebrated launch of Street Fighter 6, Capcom was still enjoying the success their remake of Resident Evil 4 was garnering in both sales and critical reception. Plus, the developer still has the ever-popular Monster Hunter franchise under their belt as well. It's beginning to seem like Capcom can't do anything wrong. 

However, maybe the trailer linked above for the new movie Resident Evil: Death Island might prove to be the first chink in their seemingly impregnable armor. Well, hopefully, this flick won't damage their video game streak.