Florida man infected with flesh-eating bacteria after being bitten by family member

Donnie Adams of Tampa Bay, Florida, was enjoying himself at a recent family gathering when two relatives got into a dispute. Adams attempted to intervene but one of the two people arguers bit him on the leg. He smartly visited the hospital for a tetanus shot and antibiotics, but the fun didn't end there. From KTLA:

"By the third day, my leg was very sore. I couldn't walk, it was very warm and very painful," said Adams.

His infection worsening, Adams was rushed to the ER at HCA Florida Pasadena Hospital in St. Petersburg.

"I looked at him and I said to him that I need to take you to the operating room," recalled Dr. Fritz Brink, an osteopathic physician at HCA Florida.

Dr. Brink said he found something worse than what he expected: necrotizing fasciitis. This bacterial condition, more commonly known as a flesh-eating bacteria, travels along the muscle sheath and destroys healthy tissue[…]

"There's a lot of really bad bacteria that live between our teeth in our gums in our mouth," said Dr. Brink.

Adams underwent surgery to remove the infected tissue. Fortunately, he was able to keep his leg.

(Thanks, UPSO!)