Kari Lake releases new country song, "81 Million Votes, My Ass"

Kari Lake has just released a new song, "81 Million Votes, My Ass." The song was written by Nashville singer-songwriter Jeffrey Steele, who performs the song, backed by a band called "The Truth Bombers." The song also features audio clips of various speeches by Kari Lake, where she's railing against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, "voter fraud," and more. Elias Weiss, writing for Phoenix New Times, explains:

The song's title is a reference to Lake's titular quote from a CPAC dinner on March 3, where she doubled down on former President Donald Trump's election lies and expressed skepticism about the vote tally President Joe Biden reached in the 2020 election.

Lake has appropriated Trump's riff about the "Big Lie" and is leaning full tilt into the conspiracy theory despite the former president facing prison time for dozens of felonies in New York and this week becoming the first U.S. ex-president to face a federal indictment.

When asked about her new song, Lake took the opportunity to insult Phoenix New Times and promote her new book Unafraid: Just Getting Started, which ships later this month. Apparently, the book mentions the time she said "fuck them" when referring to us on a hot mic in 2019 before departing from Fox 10.

Here's the song, if you must hear it. I apologize to your ears, in advance.