DeSantis supporters wave Nazi flags outside Walt Disney World

Yes, people with signs supporting Ron DeSantis were also proudly waving swastika-emblazoned Nazi flags outside Walt Disney World. They wanted the cast members to be 100% clear about who likes Ron DeSantis's fight with Disney over not being fascist enough for his Florida.

If you want people in the United States of America to rally to your cause, waving a Nazi flag has traditionally been counterproductive. In Florida, it now seems Nazis can boldly hang out in front of a theme park with the intent to scare people who came to celebrate. Some families save for years to have a vacation at Walt Disney World, it is a shame they'd have this kind of terror waiting for them.

Of course, DeSantis has not decried these folks.

USA Today:

"It's absolutely disgusting to see what has become a common presence of Nazis in Florida, and even more distributing when they are holding signs and flags that signal support for people like Governor DeSantis," Eskamani said. "Every person, regardless of political ideology, should condemn this. Florida is a state built on diversity and we will always stand against bigotry and hate."

Representatives for DeSantis and Disney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Combat Antisemitism Movement, a non-partisan international organization, issued a statement on the incident and noted a "similar occurrence" happened at the same location last May.

Screen capture: Twitter/@annaforflorida