"We have fire coming out those manholes": Interstate highway bridge collapses after truck fire in Philadelphia

A truck laden with flammable materials burned out in Philadephia this morning, and the blaze took out both the vehicle and the section of bridge where it crashed. The northbound side of I-95 is gone and the southbound side is structurally unsound, reports NBC News.

Sunday morning, just before 9 a.m., Captain Derrick Bowmer, of the Philadelphia Fire Department, said that runoff from the burning truck is also causing explosions underground.

"We will be here for awhile," he said. "We have fire coming out of those manholes."

He also said that commuters should avoid the area as the highways isn't expected to re-open anytime soon.

"Please avoid the area where fire from underground explosions is coming out of the manholes," is among the best advice I've ever heard from government officials.

Here's the bridge that's collapsed, on Street View.

And here it is now: