Trump struggles to find an attorney willing to beclown themselves

Due in court, facing criminal charges, Donald J. Trump seems to have exhausted the supply of attorneys willing to represent him. Perhaps it is his reputation for failing to pay contractors. Maybe it is his demonstrated history of ignoring legal advice. Could it just be the thought defending someone who so clearly denies that mountains of evidence laid out in front of him exist seems to be impossible?

Probably all of the above plus dozens of other reasons.

Trump's former attorneys resigned last Friday, shortly after the former reality TV star was informed of his indictment. They claim it makes no sense for them to represent him in Florida, which is an excuse but I am not sure a really good one.

Crooks and Liars:

According to NBC News, Trump's arraignment in Miami tomorrow can't go forward unless the twice-impeached twice-indicted President finds local counsel.

"If Trump doesn't find local counsel, the surrender and first appearance will still happen tomorrow, but the arraignment may have to be postponed," the outlet reports.

C&L also shares some choice comments from social media.