Up's Carl is looking to get back on the market in the trailer for a new Pixar short

Disney can tug at your heartstrings like no other studio in entertainment. Throughout the company's 100-year existence, Disney has created many stories that can pull tears from even the most emotionally disaffected individuals. Oh, you think you're a tough person, huh? Let's test that theory with a double feature of The Lion King and Bambi

And while Disney is renowned for its ability to produce tear jerkers, the company can't hold a candle to Pixar. Even though Pixar is under the Disney umbrella, the studio has consistently been able to out-Disney Disney in a variety of ways. For starters, Pixar's success with computer-generated cartoons inspired Disney to abandon 2D animation in favor of 3D releases. Also, Pixar's ability to make adults and children cry with their peerless and poignant filmography is lightyears beyond the grasp of anything that Disney's in-house animation studio could produce. 

In the video linked above, you can watch the trailer for the upcoming short film Carl's Date, a follow-up to Pixar's Up, which boasts one of the saddest openings to a movie ever.