Unbeatable sound at an unbeatable price: experience the ultimate audio upgrade with this tiny amplifier

Revolutionize your audio experience with this advanced Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier, designed to facilitate superior wireless transmission, offering you a stable, faster connection with minimal signal losses. This nifty device has the potential to transform your regular passive speakers into dynamic Bluetooth speakers.

Our amplifier not only supports Bluetooth 5.0 but also accommodates a standard 3.5mm AUX input, allowing seamless connections with non-Bluetooth devices. Furnished with the classic TPA3116 amplifier chip and three TL072 independent OP amps, this device promises an impressive 100W (50Wx2) output, perfectly complementing 3~6 inches 2.0CH speakers. The result is an immensely powerful and clean sound with absolutely no background noise or pops.

Additional features include independent treble and bass tone control and a premium 19V 4.74A power supply. Amplify your sound like never before, and at an unbeatable price.