Chris Isaak's former beach property becoming a public park

"Wicked Game" singer Chris Isaak's former property in San Mateo County, California is turning into a public park. Tunitas Creek Beach, a stunning stretch of coastline south of San Francisco once owned by the rock star, has been approved by the local board for an $11 million overhaul of the area, making it the first new beach park in San Mateo County in over 50 years.


"Tunitas Creek Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in California and we are delighted it will become San Mateo County's newest coastal public park, available for the health and enjoyment of everyone," San Mateo County Supervisor Ray Mueller told SFGATE over email. "I predict that locations on this beach with a view of the breathtaking bluffs will be one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the United States." 

The beach and small home on a bluff atop the cliff were reportedly bought by a trust associated with longtime San Francisco resident Isaak in 1998 for $3.1 million. In recent years, the beach saw some boisterous all-night parties that included stereos systems, fireworks and a lot of littering, according to the Mercury News

Back in 2017, the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) scooped up the beach for $5 million, kicking off the idea to make it a spot for everyone. The revamp plan involves putting in parking, bathrooms, trails, and a ranger station, and should be all wrapped up this year. If all goes as planned, this new beach will be open to the public by 2024.