19th-century Jack-in-the-Box not creepy at all

Robert the Doll (famous for its terrifying little face and alleged paranormal involvement) has some competition from this 19th century Jack in the Box on offer at Heritage Auctions. I didn't think anything could compare to the uncanny horror of Robert's face, but this Jack in the Box is pretty high up on the list of objects that make me want to hide under my covers forever. 

I think that what makes both of these object's so uncomfortable is the lack of definition of their facial features. That and the fact that both of them look like they are plotting to murder anyone who gets in their paths.

I hope that Robert the haunted doll never, ever gets put in the same vicinity of this Jack in the Box. Who knows what type of hell would become unleashed if these two little brats became friends. 

From Instagram

"Some Jack in the Box's are scarier than others. This 19th century example is downright terrifying."