Fraud-indicted George Santos shames girl for having acne

Republican standard-bearer George Santos, a confessed thief under federal indictment for 13 charges of fraud and lying, thought it was a good idea to shame a girl for her acne.

He tweeted:

For the girl trying really hard to take a picture of me inside Zara. You should focus more on that acne issue you got going on instead of trying to take pictures of me.

In May, New York magazine compiled a list of every known lie Santos is known to have told. (Undoubtedly, the list of every substantive lie he's told would be orders of magnitude greater):

He allegedly lied to collect unemployment benefits. He allegedly lied to donors, then used their money to buy designer clothing. He allegedly lied to Congress. He lied about where he went to high school and college. He never worked on Wall Street either. He lied about founding an animal charity. He allegedly swindled a disabled vet whose dog was dying. He allegedly swindled a disabled vet whose dog was dying.

It's a good bet that the 729 people who "liked" Santos's tweet are sociopaths, and if you are still using Twitter, it would be a good idea to block every one of them using a tool like Megablock.