Margot Robbie gives a tour of Barbie's Dreamhouse

It's hard to believe that Barbie is only receiving her first feature film this year. With a character as interwoven into the cultural fabric of Americana as Barbie is, one would assume that Mattel would've already commissioned a slew of films centered around their iconic doll 30 years ago. 

One of the aspects of Barbie that makes the character such a potentially lucrative franchise is how malleable the IP can be. Name another toy that has as many professions as Barbie; go ahead, I'll wait. Also, Hollywood's proclivity to spin every viable film IP off into a toy line already comes pre-packaged with a Barbie movie. Sure, you can make an exclusive line of Barbie toys based on a feature film, but doesn't it make more sense to create a movie around toys that already exist? 

To that end, the new Barbie movie by Greta Gerwig is a stroke of genius, as it draws inspiration from several classic Barbie dolls to bolster the film's plot and settings. In the video linked above, you can check out Margot Robbie giving a tour of Barbie's iconic Dreamhouse from the upcoming feature film.