Lauren Boebert claims to be on a mission from God

Colorado congressperson Lauren Boebert appears to be shoring up her Christian fascist base, declaring a holy war against President Biden. Boebert believes the voices she hears to be her God, speaking to her, directing her foul works, and using her as his vessel.

When speaking for her Lord, this glorious angel of pork sliders is "the mouth."

Crooks and Liars:

On Victory Channel's Flashpoint, a Christian nationalist broadcast, Colorado representative Lauren Boebert claimed God told her to introduce articles of impeachment against President Biden.

Trying to make herself out to be a prophet, "I'm not calling myself an historic figure, but….."

"All glory to God. This is grace. This is God's empowerment and His ability and staying grounded, rooted in the Word of God, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks," Boebert said.

Claiming she's hearing voices she continued.

"And I am directed and led by Him. You know, there was pressure for me not to introduce the articles of impeachment tonight, well, not introduce them, but to bring them up and call them for a vote," she said.