Colorado bear uses the wrong exit — finds itself hanging from a window outside a second-story house (video)

A Colorado bear broke into a house, went upstairs, and thought it could exit out a second-story window. But much to its chagrin, there was nowhere to stand, let alone lumber away, and the bear found itself clinging and hanging from the window as it entertained nearby neighbors who could be heard talking and laughing (see video below, posted by WKYC).

Realizing there was nowhere to go but back inside, it hoisted itself through the window, making sure to treat itself to a small feast, according to the homeowner, who, fortunately, was out for the day.

"He got his nails in there and just ripped that window right open and got inside and helped himself to my pork chops I had out for dinner that night, got some snacks out of the pantry and knocked over the plants — nothing too crazy," said Ryan MacFarlane, via Huff Post. The bear eventually left through the same broken window it had entered.

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