Ad for delicious organic dog meat turns out to have ulterior motive

This ad, spotted on the London Underground, appears to be touting tasty, juicy dog meat, "local, free-range and humanely harvested." offers a heartening tour of "delicious dog, since 1981" and reasons to eat it: "Roasted lab has become a family holiday tradition."


Set the table with man's best meat.

Elwood's Organic Dog Meat has been family-owned and operated for over two generations. We're dedicated to offering our friends and neighbors the best, sustainably raised dog meat available.

Unlike some farms, our pups never receive antibiotics and spend little time cooped up. They have access to green pastures during the summer months and are fed only organic, soy-free feed.

Unfortunately for connoisseurs of canines, a close look at the small print reveals that it's a cunning ploy: "if a fake ad for a fake farm bothers you, maybe go vegan?"