Joyner Lucas's new video Broski is jaw-droppingly beautiful

Hip-hop videos can be a little repetitive. We're all familiar with the tropes that 95% of rap videos possess, and while you can find expensive cars and beautiful women in music videos from genres outside of hip-hop, it'd be silly to act like they aren't staples of rap's visual identity. 

One of the reasons that rap videos are so incredibly cookie-cutter is based on unspoken peer pressure that exists within the culture. "If you want to sell a bunch of records," some AR or a fellow rapper will say, "you need to have something that people can identify with and fantasize about." 

Joyner Lucas has made a career of thumbing his nose at rap video conventions for several years. With his controversial single I'm Not Racist, Lucas created a stunning and challenging video that caught the attention of rap fans worldwide. Lucas' innovative and visionary approach to constructing videos is undoubtedly impressive, but it still doesn't overshadow the lyrical mastery that has cemented his position as one of the most consistent "spitters" in his generation.

In the video linked above, you can check out the video for Broski, wherein Lucas serves as director and delivers another classic rap video.